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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  June 15, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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dividend. >> neil: 30 minutes in, hope springs eternal. >> eric: first the government, now somebody selling you out, nsa selling you out. one company throwing the red carpet to snoop on you. take it easy on the taxman. they are blowing the irs scandal out of proportion and now evidence suggestion that neither party is being tough enough, "cashin' in" asking the tough questions right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. our crew, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and jehmu greene and you heard about verizon being forts today hand over private phone records to uncle sam. now the company may have built a fiberoptic cable to
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the government so it can access that information. tracy, what about private companies? >> it's all about transparency. i get the need gather intelligence. to keep this country safe. we should know what is happening. to do this behind our back is so untrustworthy. i have verizon and i'm pissed off about it >> eric: senator rand paul is looking to suing verizon. >> is he serious about area 51 come on. they are not alex jones crazy yet. conspiracy theories about business selling out private enterprise. >> you know what -- do not started phoning me on saturday morning. i am so beyond that right now. you are a cellphone libertarian thinks it's
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fine with companies doing this without you knowing it? >> companies only get big and successful by protecting and respecting their customers. a lot of big tech companies go on to court to protect their users. no one gets to be big and successful by selling out to users and inch more worried about government than business. >> eric: i'm going side with tracy on this. when you violated the fourth amendment. homeland on, hold on. >> it's an accusation. >> eric: hang on. we reached out to verizon and wanted a comment whether they built a fiberoptic cable to nsa so they could data mine here, they never got back to us. make some sense out of this. >> if the government needs to figure out best way to do surveillance, who are they going to call the companies that have been keeping massive amounts of data on us. we are so concerned about
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government surveillance, what about it's more insidious for the corporate surveillance than the government doing it for security reasons. financial times put information and tell you how much you are worth. i find out i'm worth a dollar. same information. if i'm pregnant makes me more worthy to them. >> eric: when you sign up and user agreement you can data mine me. you gave up your rights. we never signed the deal with the government, did we, wayne? >> the problem is more fundamental. we have essentially a fascist economy, jonathan is promoting you need to get big. that wrong. big government, big business and big labor and they are all in cahoots. verizon didn't do this on their own. government leases that line. they provided the financing to verizon.
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the government and verizon is hand and glove. government and g.e. are hand and glove and five banks control 60% of banking assets. everybody is too big. >> verizon has done nothing. you are dumping on verizon. they have done actually nothing. wayne, want a small phone company. great, put two tin cans together. it's not going to serve anyone. >> oh, please! you are shooting off your mouth about something you do not know. >> eric: hold on. jonathan says verizon has done nothing but as far as i understand, it's meta data. >> what did you have in your ceel yar this morning. this is so not ui. this is snooping. this is the kind of stuff people are supposed to hated. if you want to gather -- i
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sign the do the ted line, we got this fiber thing going from new jersey and virginia. we want you to know about that. nobody told us about it. >> eric: let me read this to you. i carry this in my pocket. it's not a prop. u.s. constitution, fourth amendment, 1791, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, in their houses, in papers and effect against unreasonable searches and seizures and mention probable cause. there is no probable cause to data mine a million people. >> if there is a real threat and they are responding to it and they have to, i've heard this compared, if you are looking for need until haystack you have to get the haystack. when it comes to giving up a little bit of our security or a little bit of our freedom for security. that is where the american people are. >> this is nothing new. in 1979 the supreme court
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said that our phone records were not --. >> eric: jonathan, i know you want to jump in. here is the issue. f.b.i. has told us they can go back and listen to our phone conversations. do you trust the government that they won't be doing that, that the nsa upon millions of phone conversations that they have of ours? >> eric, i don't trust the government to do anything. they are morons to start with. they are taking advantage of it. you are absolutely right. collecting information in bulk that wo with not a specific thing under the patriot act it has to be specific. judges that sign that you have to be very careful about what you are doing. and jonathan you are wrong. >> you are con voluntary lawsuit go the issue. >> the fourth amendment is right and you are right to read that. >> you are con voluntary lawsuit go the issue. verizon knowing your data
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doesn't violate your fourth amendment lights. i agree with the panel, the government soliciting in the name of national security. you know, you present a false choice, we have to give up our privacy, if you want to fight terror, name the enemy and called the jihad fighting a war,. what scary, that is actually what government is supposed to do. >> jontsd, we'll give that you. >> eric: the issue here, the issue of the segment, verizon rolling out red carpet building a fiberoptic line. >> wayne a made the point they didn't do this out of their pocket. you know they got someone to do this. again, it's all this covert stuff, gather all the intelligence you need, but just let the american people know you shall doing it. >> i still heard no evidence. they didn't get money to do this. we have no evidence they have done anything.
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if verizon did share information, it comes only at the end of government -- they would be an immediate failure. >> eric: i love you brother, but we didn't make this up out of thin air. this has been reported by "new york times" and comes from a lawsuit that was brought against verizon. we didn't make up the fiberoptic line. this is real, john, it's happening. it's got to scare the jesus at least you. >> if happening, it comes only at the request of government force. >> oh, my god. >> they would not willing violate your customer. >> eric: we could go on and on but i am guessing we'll talk soon. case closed, some democrats telling republicans are going too far with all this irs stuff and you know what the head of the f.b.i. just
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he was like "yeah, that's it!" [ chuckles ] >>. this is america news headquarters. fox news confirming the c.i.a. will begin running weapons to rebels in syria. this after the white house said there is evidence that assad used chemical weapons to kill his own people. president obama called that a quote, red line that would impact the response to the conflict. the operation will supply fighters with small arms and ammunition. >> white house congratulating the people of iran, iranians electing moderate to be their president. white house saying that it respects the result of the vote and hopes to reengage over their nuclear program. the 2009 reelection of mahmoud ahmadinejad
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triggered months of mass protests. for all the headlines go to see you at 6:00. >> eric: you take a chill pill. some dpts are telling republicans that blowing the irs scandal is blowing out of proportion, but a new poll says 78% of americans congress should keep investigating the agency's target of conservative. who is right here? >> the people. look even the. if i director down the know what is going on with this. the sirs the only agency that comes into every single one of our homes, every single one of us are afraid of them. it's unfair what is happening. we should know what is going on. >> eric: and we were mad at government about the snooping. now, they are not snooping they are targeting specific groups. that is just as bad. >> no, it's not bad, it's outrageous the fact of the
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matter the government is there for the protection of the people. they are not protecting the people at all. they are invading their privacy right and left. imagine that somebody is snooping on you and that information gets in the hands of somebody who is irresponsible and eric holder. eric holder and the head of the f.b.i., they don't know the answers. i don't know 15 times -- if they don't know, what the hell are they doing in the job, they miss be morons. >> eric: 78% of people we want know what is going on the irs. 22% are probably right? >> i'm fine with the investigation continuing, but why aren't we getting these full transcripts from the irs employees. i know the answer to that question. i've been accused of looking for love in all the wrong places. darrell issa are looking for a scandal in all the wrong places. they want to make this tie back to the white house. everyone thinks it's outrageous.
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tracy i agree, as when they found out about the scandal. it's like picking and choosing something to seem like the white house is not in on it. >> excuse me. because they say i don't know. that is every time you ask them a question, they say i don't know. you got dummies up there. >> i hear the democrats, don't worry. when the president said don't fear government. at the same time he is reading reporter emails and collecting data on millions of americans. irs by definition arbitrary government gun. this scandal shows, yes, it's targeted innocent people. >> innocent? >> there is no innocence here because this is getting in a lawsuit. >> a group that was targeted, they go after
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individual americans to take away their constitutional rights to vote. >> hold on just a minute. stop, please. listen, whether or not groups should be looked into we should look into group applying for tax exempt status but the problem is they only look at conservative groups and they ignore the liberal grouse, they look the free tax status. targeting is the problem. >> the naacp other groups that have been targeted. there should not be targeting. if you want to play in politics and be subsidized by the american people, subsidize your organization, get ready. >> maybe that could be actually a positive out growth of this terrible scandal. we could meet to a flat or fair tax that she wouldn't
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allow playing in politics because there wouldn't be any politics. everyone may pai a flat right and there would be -- but you never hear that from those on the left. >> and nonprofit status. enough with that. >> eric: we have to leave it there. as a group, "cashin' in" has been pro flat tax. we like that idea. coming up, toys why china, try military parts from china, is this putting america in danger? ♪ [ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning. ♪
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lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield technologies. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ >> coming up made in china, parts for the u.s. military is it a good way to save money or are we playing fire? and new push to detect all
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>> keep goods and gadgets from china are one thing, but now thf pentagon is said to be buying some of our military parts from china, too, like the propellant that shoots off the hell fire missile and a key component that goes into the night vision goggles, wayne, this may save a few taxpayer bucks, but is thisy one worth the risk? >> no. it is not. this is a big mistake. any time that you're trying it save money for national securiti is crazy.ime national security is paramountmn for us in that sense. we can not afford to do that. we ought to make everything us here. we ought to try i to make everything here and if we can't, we ought to substitute for it ie some way we find an alternate technology. that's what we have to do. we cantute not be dependent on somebody else and the world is getting smaller and smaller. we can not findler ourselves dependent on somebody who is distrust worthy. >> i saw this story a week ago
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and i said we got to bring this up. i'm very, very concerned. usually we're like quit spending taxpayer money, but this one, night vision goggle, keep it here in the u.s. >> well, i agree with wayne. and i don't think cost should be a factor when it comes to defending the ar lot of these rare earth materials, rare earth minerals mined in china made it with some of the regulation being brought down, some can be done here. but so much our ability to get weapons, but actually use them. i f mean, time and time again, i think america has really just t lost its bitei and we've seen that with the war against militant islam against jihad. it's not that we don't have thet weapon, but we don't have the emotional fortitude. we we don't have the cajones to do it. i'm more worried about that thah the addition corruption of the weapon supply. >> i'm more worried about the o fact we can't make the stufftle here.
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what the heck isried wrong withf country that we can't make it here? >> they have a lot of theseey h minerals. >> the bottom line, we talk lona about corporations maximizing shareholder value and we also we talk about how we want this government run like a business. from a business angle, you go to where you can get the best product fort cheapest price. if the answer is china right now, we have bigger problems than the fact that they'reest buying products from china. ournswe problems is innovation d home. >> jehmu, can we spend a few more bucks? can >> we sure should. i mean, they've already shown their hand that they are you'llly willing to use the supply chain as leverage to get what they want in negotiations. they did that> we with japan. this is a crystal clear example of why we have to continue investing in american innovation, american technology, american science and what has been discussed with a lot of you fellows is to take money away from the national science foundation, take money away from
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that innovation so that we don'e have to go to places like that. >> or we can stop spending money to build walkways for turtles on highways. real quickly, what do we do with china? do we haveer some protectionist agreement with them to make thi stuff stop? >> wayne -- i think what you have to do is go back to theis emphasis and say national security is a primary thing for the united states government to pursue in the best sense of theo word. now, when youto talk about prive companies doing it, yes. got to be very carefuling that we don't wind up with some sort of a fascist economy whereu the privatep companies are being subsidized by the government fo this purpose. >> quickly,co jonathan. >> trade with our friends. bomb and destroy our enemy. >> trace? i agree. >> oh, my god. look, let's make this stuff at home of the that's the bottom line. >> gentleman moo? >> i am -- jehmu. >> i am appalled that jonathan
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is a war monger. but no, we shouldn't be doing this with china. >> let's keep it made in the usa. thank you to jehmu green for joining us this week in green. coming up, more states going full speed ahead how many simple ingredients does your dog food have? 30? 20? new purina one beyond has 9. the simplified purina one beyond. learn more about these wholesome ingredients at chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour.
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>> time for what do i need to know for next week. tracy? >> states are looking for a way to tax your hybrid electric car users. they use the bridges and roads, too. north carolina is trying it out. i bet other states do, too. >> more tax.s. oh, goody.a allis right, what about wayne? you're up. >> well, look at oxy, speaking of gas. t. boone pickens has a great bii >> jonathan, you've been on the interest rate stuff. do you like o oil?
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>> i don't own any oil. but i own poland.y it's the only country in europe to actually not go into recession in 2008. in fact,pe t it's very difficulr u.s. investors to buy poland. plnd, i like it very much. >> does it track the kilbasa sales in chicago? >> we have a large polish community here. >> i came from chicago, iy remember the polish community.o. being italian american, though, not many of those in my house. >> not sure i know what it is. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. tra eber, you can weigh in on my all theve topics we just discusd on twitter. sound off, let your voice be heard about today's show and everything else.of i'll see you on "the five." have a great weekend. and vote in the midterm elections next year.
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>> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tan tear rose and greg gutfeld fold. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is the five. >> we're going to kick off the showow with a little faith book free for all.we w we're answering some of your questions knit smithed on our facebook page. there are lots offsu hot topics with the scandals in washington, including the nsa leak and snowden, irs targeting benghazia the department of justice reporter probe and much more. huge response. almost 4,000 posts.e. so thanks to everyone formost participating and i hope those of you


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